About me

Hello and welcome to my blog. Nice to have you here!

My name is Conny, I’m a young woman of 34, a skilled laboratory assistant, outside sales person, passionate foodie, Instagram lover, allergy sufferer, stubborn, emotional person, best friend,
soon-to-be drop-out and much more….

So, why am I starting a blog now?

I love cooking! For many years I have been into nutrition and tried out everything from Low Carb to Paleo to Intermittent Fasting and 2.5 years ago I started a vegan diet for health reasons.
The best decision I ever made in my entire life! I noticed how many benefits this kind of diet has for people and the environment and it helped me to overcome my eating disorder that I suffered from for several years.

On my Instagram account Plantbased_food_and_travel I post my simple, vegan dishes on a daily basis, all under the slogan #simplyconny. This gives me the opportunity to express my passion and I discovered how much fun it is to nicely arrange my food and take a photo. My aim is to get as many people as possible interested in a healthy plant-based diet and demonstrate how easy it can be to have a wholesome and balanced meal, also without animals suffering. Here you can find all my recipes and I am already looking forward to trying out many more new things and becoming ever more creative.

For about 3 years I have suffered from different food intolerances and really had to learn to listen to my body again. In the beginning, this was so very hard and I did not enjoy cooking anymore.
But now, it is fun for me again to try out something new, I enjoy eating again as I know what foods I tolerate and what I am allergic to. It was a year-long process.
I cook with simple ingredients, without refined sugar, soy – and mostly gluten-free. From time to time I also eat a little treat or something sweet. It’s all about balance.

With this blog, I would like to help other people facing the same situation who fight against an eating disorder, struggle with allergies or are just interested in a healthy, plant-based diet.

And apart from that?

I mainly write this blog to share my recipes, but of course life has a lot more to offer and I am interested in many other things, which get me excited and move me. For that reason, I will also share with you bit by bit some personal contents and thoughts, tell you my story and whatever comes to my mind.

Apart from cooking I love travelling. In recent years I missed out on that a little bit, even though I was travelling a lot for work. My eating disorder, the allergies and a lot of stress kept me from really enjoying my life. But that will change in the end of this year. Then I will start a great adventure heading for Canada and I want to use this blog to take you along on my journey and tell you about my experiences.

It’s gonna be exciting and I am really looking forward to it!

Lots of love ❤️




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  • Liebe Conny, dein Blog ist wunderschön geworden. Viel Erfolg mit deinem neuen Lebensabschnitt. Es ist toll Dich zu kennen. Namasté

    • Ich danke dir von ❤️ meine liebe Valeska. Ich freue mich auch wahnsinnig dich zu kennen

  • Herzlichen glückwunsch meine liebe 🙂 die Langen Nächte und die harte Arbeit hat sich total ausgezahlt!! So schön clean und übersichtlich 🙂

  • oh my dear Conny i am so proud of you for launching the blog!! love the clean look of it – ties in perfectly with your philosophy of simple whole foods. this about section is written so beautifully & honestly. i am in awe of all that you do and how lovely a person you are – can’t wait to learn more about you. lots of love from your IG friend “@feast365” (yeah, i’m still hiding but slowly working up the courage to come out from behind that abstract name!!) 🙂

    • Dear L. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I´m so happy that we found each other on IG. And yes please be confident to show us a bit more from you ❤️

    • Dear L . Thank you so much for your wonderful comment. I´m so happy that we found each other on IG. And yes please be confident to show us a bit more from you ❤️

  • Ach meine Liebe Conny, dein Blog ist ganz wudnerbar geworden. Ich bin sehr begeistertn und freue mich auf kommendes. Sei gedrückt!

  • Liebe Conny,

    ich fühle so sehr mit dir und bin dir dankbar, dass du diesen Schritt gewählt hast und deine #simplyconny experiences mit uns, mit der Welt teilst.

    Deine Beschreibung über dich hat mich im Herzen berührt. Ich bin auch noch auf der Suche nach der optimalen Ernährungsform für meine Krankheit(en). Da ich Insulinresistent bin, erschwert mir die vegane Ernährung zwar total ‘meinen Kühlschrank’ – aus gesundheitlichen und ethischen Gründen versuche ich tierische Lebensmittel doch so gut es geht zu meiden. Seitdem ich auf Milchprodukte und Fleisch verzichte, merke ich die Besprungen nicht nur an meinem äußeren Erscheinungsbild, sondern auch an meiner Stimmung und Lebenseinstellung 🙂

    ich freu mich auf weitere Blogposts und persönlich würde ich mir mehr über dich wünschen, da du eine so starke Frau bist und mich sehr inspirierst, auch wenn wir uns erst seit kurzem kennen 🙂

    PS: ich bin die “Anni von ProSieben Taff”, wir hatten gestern telefoniert!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Anni :**!

    • Liebe Anni,

      vielen Dank für deinen lieben Kommentar und die Einblicke in dein Leben. Ich würde mich freuen wenn wir darüber in Kontakt bleiben können ❤️. Ich hatte es leider zeitlich bisher nicht geschafft persönliche Blogposts zu schreiben, aber das kommt jetzt nach und nach immer mehr.

      Gang liebe Grüße an dich

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